Five (5) Piece SILK ForloraShroud™

Five (5) Piece SILK ForloraShroud&#153
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Five (5) Piece SILK ForloraShroud&#153
This silk material consists of five pieces of 100% Dupioni Silk fabric. Dupioni silk has a beautiful luster and texture. This silk fabric with it's subtle sheen and varying color (white) is not a flaw in the fabric but rather an attribute from the silk thread that is produced by the silk worm.

You will receive a link during checkout to receive a complimentary instructional booklet demonstrating lifting, turning, and shrouding when you purchase the shroud. Look for the red link in the small box during checkout.

The edges of the shroud are sewn to prevent fraying.

Frequently Asked Questions

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            • What kind of silk is the shroud made of?
              • We use dupioni silk from India whose silk is well known for its beauty and high quality. The edges of each of the five pieces of silk are beautifully sewn to prevent fraying for a finished shroud.
              • I have never used a shroud before, how do I use the fabric?
                • When you purchase the shroud you may download a complimentary detailed description. Please watch for the red link during checkout to click on to download your pdf. of several ways in which you can use the fabric, (photographs included) You may wish to purchase a copy of My Final Wishes, which is not only a Pre-Planner to express your wishes, but additionally provides information about burial laws, what is currently binding upon Western believers, and various shrouding options with photographs.

                Shoghi Effendi stated in a letter to an individual believer that, The preparation of the body is a careful washing and placing in a shroud of white cloth, silk preferably. (Letter written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi, dated April 2, 1955, to an individual believer)

                In the Bayán, the Báb specified that the body of the deceased should be wrapped in five sheets of silk or cotton. Bahá'u'lláh confirmed this provision and added the stipulation that, for those whose means are limited a single sheet of either fabric will suffice. When asked whether the five sheets mentioned in the law referred to five full-length shrouds or five cloths which were hitherto customarily used, Bahá'u'lláh responded that the intention is the use of five cloths. Concerning the way in which the body should be wrapped, there is nothing in the Bahá'í Writings to define how the wrapping of the body is to be done, either when five cloths are used or only a single sheet. At present, the Bahá'ís are free to use their judgment in the matter. (Universal House of Justice in Notes appended to The Kitáb-i-Aqdas, no. 151)