Burial Shrouds - 100% Silk and Cotton

Shrouding the body for burial is a sacred event and for those who are privileged to attend to the body of the deceased it is undertaken with reverence.

At the sudden loss of her 26 year old daughter, Laura, the founder of Forlora™, found herself lost in the tumultuous ocean of grief. Her aching desire to have her dear daughter's body tended to with dignity and respect was compounded by the stark reality of not having fabric readily available to shroud her daughter's body, as well as options or examples of how to simplify the shrouding process.

This same experience has been lived by many in surrounding Bahá'í communities and thus, Sandy was inspired to assist the Friends with the hope that by providing information, supplies, and by relieving the most common fears associated with shrouding the body, Bahá'ís would be able to tend to the body of the deceased in a calmer manner. She has endeavored with heart and soul to provide other families with what they need, when they need it the most.

The five piece burial shroud is available in Silk, Cotton and Organic Cotton and has a small pamphlet within the packaged material. Upon purchasing a burial shroud you receive a free pdf file to download with photographs and several examples demonstrating shrouding options.

Sandy Gordon is available to Bahá'í communities for burial workshops. To schedule a workshop contact her at sandy@forlora.com

It is currently not binding upon Western Believers to shroud the body.