Bahai Burial - Expressing your Wishes

PRE-PLANNER   My Final Wishes

This 50-page document has been carefully compiled for Bahá'ís and their family.

The Planner contains:
  • A detailed questionnaire
  • Bahá'í burial information
  • Six shrouding examples with photographs
  • End-of-life information
  • Laws of your state
and much more.

The planner is a useful tool to create conversation for family members and the Bahá'í community, as well as provide you with a format to communicate your wishes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

    What are the requirements for review of Bahá'í Literature and Materials?
On the website of the usbnc under Protection of the Faith it states the following: "Bahá’í review is a requirement that was established by Άbdu'l-Bahá and continued by the Guardian and the Universal House of Justice to the present time. It is a “temporary measure” necessary in this early stage of development of the Bahá'í Faith. The purpose of review is to assist authors and artists in ensuring that what they publish and produce represents the Bahá'í Faith accurately and with dignity. Anything that is published or disseminated only electronically via the internet is not subject to review."

    What is the purpose for the review process
"The function of reviewing is, essentially, to check the author’s exposition of the Bahá'í Faith and its teachings, which may include verification of any quotations from the Bahá'í writings. This function should not be confused with evaluation of the literary merit of a work or of its value as a publication, which are normally the prerogative of the publisher ... Letter from the Universal House of Justice, dated March 11, 1965, to a National Spiritual Assembly, in Lights of Guidance, no. 352

    Does Forlora, Inc. adhere to the above Bahá'í review requirement?

    Since Forlora, Inc. adheres to the above requirement, does that mean that the Pre-Planner, the Burial Shrouds and/or jewelry is endorsed by the Office of Review?
NO! On the website of under Protection of the Faith it states the following:"It is the policy of the National Spiritual Assembly that no notice of approval, nor an indication that an item has been reviewed, may appear in literature or on other items, or in its promotional or advertising materials. Such notices may imply National Assembly endorsement of a product, which is not the purpose or meaning of Bahá'í review. Comments made by the Office of Review are also not to be used lest they be misconstrued as endorsement."

    Can I make copies of the downloaded version and give to my family or friends?
The download version is copyright protected and with your purchase is for your personal use only and may not be disseminated to others and/or copied.

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