Flower Circle

Flower Circle


Flower Circle is a 1 inch wide and high one of a kind custom piece with a delicate design on the outer edge surrounding the Ringstone Symbol that rests within the middle of the raised circle.  


Made of .999 high quality silver which does not tarnish as quickly or as much as the lower grade silver used in almost all silver jewelry. 


The hidden bale behind the piece is an added feature and adds to the unique custom designed feature of Flower Circle.

  • Jewelry is returnable due to manufacturing defect.  You must speak with Sandy to receive return instructions.  You are responsible for return shipping costs.  You will receive a full refund less shipping.

    If you are not satisfied with the product you have 11 days to return the jewelry piece and receive a full refund less a restocking fee of $12.00.  Please contact us for return information.  You are responsible for return postage and handling.

  • This custume designed jewelry is made from the highest quality of silver .999 which does not tarnish as quickly or as does other sterling silver jewelry because it contains the highest amount of silver.

    Please refrain from wearing while bathing or swimming in chlorine which affects the metal.  Do not apply any chemical cleaners! 

    You clean gently with standard toothpaste or with a silver polishing cloth designed for silver.

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