The creation of the mask is a service project in memory for my daughter Laura (Aug. 1977 - Oct. 2003), my nephew David Jubb Jan. 1984 - August 2019, beloved son of the Turners, Jordan (June 1992 - Dec. 2010) and Richard Pon and many others.  

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If you would like your loved ones name, birth year, year of passing, and a brief sentence about them placed on our site or added to our prayer list, for this service project please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and submit.    CLICK HERE TO VIEW LOVED ONES


The masks are hand made with care, and prayerfully.   They are made by us at Forlora and not manufactured so they may have a few imperfections.


The masks are made of two layers of heavy cotton.  A pocket on the side allows you to place a filter of your choosing between the two layers and to also insert a pipe cleaner that you can crimp around the nose. Not Included!


Unfortunately, we are only able to provide one FREE mask with the purchase of a burial shroud and they are not for sale.  




By receiving this FREE mask you agree and understand that this mask is not a medical surgical mask and you understand we are not claiming them to be a medical grade mask.


We do not claim that they will protect you or others from any virus or pathegen. When you purchase a burial shroud you will receive one mask FREE. The Masks are not for Sale and ONLY AVAILABLE WITH your burial shroud order AND UNTIL SUPPLIES LAST!


The masks are handmade by a non-professional volunteer.  There may be imperfections.


If you would like your loved ones name to be added to our prayer list and included prayerfully in this service project, please fill out the form with your loved ones information and we will conduct this service project with them in mind. 


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