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Our Story

In Memory

So much occurs when a loved one passes.   Often, there are  challenging decisions to be made during a time when the mind may not be functioning at it's normal capacity.

After the sudden passing of my daughter Laura, there were so many decisions to make, such as;


  • The location where her body was going to be laid to rest.

  • Choosing the casket.

  • Selecting a funeral home that supported our wish to tend to her body ourselves.

  • Acquiring a burial shroud or fabric and burial ring.


For the burial shroud I wished for her body to be wrapped in silk fabric, yet due to her sudden passing we were unable to acquire the silk fabric.  Although cotton fabric is acceptable, as her Mother I was disappointed.

When the time came to shroud Laura's body we did not have the necessary information to carry out the shrouding process of her body in a smoother fashion had we had information or examples.  We made due with what we had and with what we knew at the time and my dear daughters body was prepared for burial.

It wasn't long after her passing that our Bahai' community experienced  another member passing and again loved ones were confronted with a similar scenery that included rushing around trying to acquire the fabric they wished and a burial ring. 

The subsequent passing of other dear Bahai's in our community and the experience I had myself with the passing of my dear daughter generated a desire within me to address the challenges I had encountered during the preparation of Laura's body for burial.   I set about to create solutions for others who would wish for materials, supplies, and information for the preparation of their loved ones body for burial. 


After 3 years of many consultations, deep thought, and extensive research Forlora, Inc. was created in memory of my dear daughter, Laura.  


Forlora 's goal is to  provide information and education, along with the necessary materials that communities and families need for the burial of their loved one.

That is how Forlora, Inc. was born.  In memory of my daughter Laura for the progress of her soul, and for my fellow Baha'i's.

The name Forlora is .....For Lora! 

Forlora, Inc. is dedicated to providing quality Bahai burial supplies, information, and education about Bahai burial Law as well as choices and options others may wish to explore.

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