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  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes! Before placing your order online please email us at and provide us with your full shipping address and what you will be ordering. We will email you back with shipping costs and instructions on how to place your order. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide expedited shipping for international orders.
  • What if we need the burial shroud right away?
    In many cases the burial shroud can be shipped Next Day Air, except internationally. You must place your order by 10:00 am Central time and you MUST call and speak with us before the placement of your order online. We do our very best to assist the friends in trying times and we are often able to ship your order even if you phone us after 10:00 am Central Time. We understand the urgency of your order and we will do our best to try to accomodate your needs. We have often hand deliered a package to UPS or FedEx shipping locations but cannot guarantee we will be able to do so. If you already placed your order but wish to change your shiping to Next Day Air or 2nd Day Air you must email and or phone us. For Next Day Air or 2nd Day Air shipments we will provide you with the Expedited shipping options and charges and will email you an Invoice with the Expedited Shipping Options after you choose which option you prefer. You will then pay right from the emailed Invoice. Once you have paid the Invoice we will process and ship your order. Please Note: Next Day and 2nd Day Air shipping costs are very expensive and the order has to be taken to a pick up site by specific deadlines that the carrier sets up at their locations. It is important that we speak with you for Next Day and 2nd Day orders due to the urgency and extra expedited costs and hand delivery of your order to the shipping location. Please phone us at 615-797-2348 You can also email at: In emergencies you may text me at: 615-300-9055
  • Is shipping guaranteed to arrive on time?
    We do our utmost to see that your order is delivered in a timely manner, but we cannot assume responsibility for delivery delays due to inclement weather situations or shipping delays by the shipping carrier. Please read our Warranty and Return Policy Although, USPS, UPS, and FedEx are reliable carriers, it is important to realize that sometimes there are unforeseen factors that may delay your order such as weather conditions, etc. We are not responsible for orders arriving later than you expected. In most instances we ship out orders the day your order is placed or within 24 hours.
  • What kind of silk is the shroud made of?
    We use dupioni silk fabric for the silk shroud. Dupioni silk has a beautiful texture and lusture but does not slip around like satin silk would during the shrouding of a body.
  • Can I return the burial shroud?
    Unfortunately, burial shrouds are non-refundable due to the sensitive nature of the item. If there is a manufacturing defect, please read our Warranty and Return Policy
  • What is required for a Bahai Burial?
    The following document is from the updated April 2019 Bahai Burial information from the US Bahai National Assembly website. Not all of the Bahai Burial Law is currently binding upon the American Bahai's. American Bahai's may choose to utilize a burial shroud and burial ring but it is not currently binding upon the American Bahai's.
  • I have never used a burial shroud before.  How do I use the five pieces to shroud a body in preparation for burial?
    When you purchase the ForloraShroud you recieve a FREE downloadable PDF that contains detailed pictures and descriptions on how to lift and turn a body safely along with various shrouding options to choose from.
  • What are the measurements of the five pieces?
    Occasionally, we have a request to provide the measurments of the five piece ForloraShroud. There are several reasons for this request. There may be a request for measurements of the five piece Forlora Shroud due to the fact that a family may not be able to afford the cost of the ForloraShroud and and they are seeking information to purchase their own fabric and make a burial shroud themselves.. We understand, and have assisted many of the friends and providing them with information so that they can create their own burial shroud in their time of need. The friends may wish to know if the five piece ForloraShroud will accomodate a tall person or large body. This is an understandable question. We wish to be of service to those of you who can not affort the ForloraShroud and those of you who wish to make a burial shroud for yourself, family, and friends. We hope the following information will assist you and answer your question if the five piece burial shroud will fit most body types. We carefully and thoughtfully created the five piece ForloraShroud to accomodate various situations and body size differences and to be able to utilize the ForloraShroud in several ways to suit different situations. The ForloraShroud will accomodate most situations, including very tall and large bodies. Although we have taken great care in designing the ForloraShroud there may be an extreme situation that the ForloraShroud may not accommodate those extremes. In all these years, we have yet to have the ForloraShroud not be suitable and we certainly hope that our care and attention continues to address most shrouding situations. With the purchase of the burial shroud, we provide a complimentary Shrouding Instructions pamphlet (to assist the friends) in PDF form that contains photographs and instructions along with three shrouding options, as well as how to safely lift and turn a body. The Shrouding Instruction pamphlet is in no way exhaustive, but was created as a service for those who may not have had any experience shrouding a body and to eliminate the idea that there is only one way to shroud a body or that there is a right or wrong way to utilize a burial shroud. We have provided three different examples of utilizing the burial shroud to hopefully prevent the creation of rituals regarding the shrouding of the body. There are five separate pieces of fabric in white cotton or white silk when you purchase a five piece ForloraShroud. The long wide piece is more than ample to be used in a variety of manners to address a body 6' 6" or taller and for a large body. The Shrouding Instructions pamphlet will demonstrate three options to assist the friends. You may wish to use the long piece in other manners that are not shown in the Shrouding Instruction pamphlet. The remaining four pieces are sometimes used either as ties securing the large piece of cotton or silk, while others choose to use the four pieces to wrap the arms and limbs. You may choose to use the four pieces in another manner. We do wish to assist those who can not afford to purchase the ForloraShroud and those who wish to make a burial shroud for yourself, family member, or friend. Here are a few ideas and questions to ask yourself if you wish to create your own burial shroud: 1. First, determine if you would like to create a five piece burial shroud or if you wish to use one single sheet. If you will use five separate pieces, how do you envision those five pieces will be used? What ideas may you have about how you would like the burial shroud to look? 2. After you have an idea of how you will design the burial shourd (with either five pieces or one single piece), you may wish to ask yourself, "Will the burial shroud be simple enough to execute when shrouding the body using my design?" Next, how tall is or was the person for which the burial shroud will be used? 3. If you will use one single sheet. How long and wide of a piece would you require based upon the body type? 4. Ask yourself if you would like all of your five pieces to be the same size or would you like there to be different lengths and widths? 5. Based upon your wishes and design, you will then calculate how long each piece needs to be in length and width to meet the requirements you have to accomodate the size of the body to be prepared for burial and for the manner in which you would like to shroud the body. Remember: Every body is different and various illnesses or causes of death may affect the body. Keep this in mind when designing and creating your burial shroud and in determining how much fabric you will require. We also recommend and suggest you study the Bahai Writings about Bahai Burial Law on the US Bahai Official website. Currently, not all of the Bahai Burial Law is binding upon the American Bahai's. Shrouding the body is one aspect of Bahai Burial Law that is currently not binding upon an American Bahai, but it is binding upon Persian Bahai's. We repeadedly inform the friends that shrouding the body is currently not binding upon the American Bahai's, so please be aware that if you can not afford a burial shroud or the fabric, it is just fine and it is not required of the American Bahai's at this time. We hope this is helpful for those of you who may wish to create your own burial shroud. Remember, there is not one way or a right way to utilize a burial shroud and we are cautioned about creating rituals in shrouding the body. The ForloraShroud is just one option that we have designed for a five piece burial shroud and we encourage the friends to create a totally different burial shroud and execute the shrouding of the body in a different manner than what we demonstrate in the Shrouding Instructions pamphlet. What have other Bahai's done to create a burial shroud? We have had several Bahai's tell us that they have purchased a white cotton or silk bedding sheet to use for one single piece of fabric. We are not endorsing this particular manner, but rather simply sharing information. There are many fabric stores in which to purchase white cotton and silk, both online and in a store. It does take a bit of planning. Try to keep things as simple as possible and know that however you choose to use white silk or cotton burial shroud you can create a dignified atmosphere and shrouding process in preparation for burial. Note:Sadly, I have encountered accussations, threats and questioning of my Bahai integrity and motivations from a few who demand that I produce the exact measurements of the five piece ForloraShrouds. Threats and bullying behavior is not appropriate. Please understand that our burial shroud design is just one choice of a five piece burial shroud and I encourage you to refrain from re-creating our ForloraShroud design if for no other reason but to prevent one design being available to the friends and creating the possibility of rituals around the sacred shrouding process. "People of Baha'....should not defile their tongues with abuse." Tablets of Baha'u'lla'h "Material fire consumeth the body, whereas the fire of the tongue devoueth both heart and soul, the force of the former lasteth but for a time, whilst the effects of the latter endureth a century." Gleanings of the Writings of Baha'u'lla'h
  • Is Forlora, Inc., and it's burial supplies promoted, approved, or sponsored by Bahai Institutions?"
    This is an important question. I wish all the friends to understand that in no way are our burial supplies or is Forlora, Inc., promoted, approved, or sponsored by Bahai Institutions. When I am asked if our products or the Pre-Planner have been approved by the National Spiritual Assembly I spend as much time as needed to thorougly explain that there is a review process for printed materials and that we complied with all requirements of the National Spiritual Assembly by having submitted the Pre-Planner for review before we had printed and begun selling the Pre-Planner. I further explain that having submitted the Pre-Planner to the National Spiritual Assembly department does not mean that they have "approved" the Pre-planner on its merit, but rather that the published material is accurate and has been created with dignity. When I first began the process of designing the burial rings and the burial shrouds over 9 years ago I contacted my Local Spiritual Assembly and submitted renderings of the burial rings and further contacted the National Spiritual Assembly requesting their guidance and recommendations for the burial shrouds as I understood the significance of providing burial supplies to the friends and I desired the guidance from our Beloved Institutions. I deligently followed the guidance I received and I am so grateful for the Beloved Institutions guidance. Again, this does NOT mean nor have I stated or give the impression that I received approval or that the Esteemed Institutions have approved or endorsed the burial shrouds, rather, I sought their guidance, I followed their guidance and addressed their concerns. The National Spiritual Assembly has extensive information regarding submitting printed or published materials as well as for music, jewelry etc. I highly encourage the friends to study these materials. Again, I submitted the Pre-planner before its printing for "review" and I submitted renderings of the burial rings to my Local Spiritual Assembly for their "review" and consulted with the National Spiritual Assembly and I appreciate their consultation with the Universal House of Justice and subsequent guidance of the National Spiritual Assembly and again, their guidance is not the endorsement from the Institutions. I am so very grateful for our beloved Institutions and the time and care they spent consulting with me during the beginnings of my heartfelt wish to provide burial supplies and materials in memory of my daughter for the progress of her soul and to assist the friends with burial supplies and information to hopefully ease one portion of their stress during a very stressful time.
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