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Five Piece Cotton Burial Shroud

Five Piece Cotton Burial Shroud

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Forlora, Inc., Description:

The five piece cotton ForloraShroud was carefully designed to facilitate the Bahá'í's to utilize the burial shroud in a variety of ways to shroud the body in preparation for Bahá'í burial and to accomodate various situations and preferences of the friends and family.


The five piece ForloraShroud Bahá'í burial shroud contains five separate pieces of 100% white cotton.  The cotton is heavy weight fabric cotton and all the edges of the five pieces are sewn to prevent fraying and create nicely sewn edges.




Upon purchase of a Forlora Shroud you will receive the Complimentery downloadable Shrouding Instruction pamphlet in PDF form.  The Shrouding Instructional Booklet contains pictures and instructions demonstrating several  shrouding options, along with how to safely turn and lift a body to assist in the shrouding process and will be emailed to you  when your order is shipped. 

The Shrouding Instruction pamphlet was created to address the prevention of rituals and to provide information to assist those who may be assisting in the shrouding of a body.


Currently, shrouding the body "requirements are not yet binding on Western Believers.  Western Believers are free to observe these requirements or not as they wish." 

Please visit our FAQ page to learn more and to read and download current guidance for Bahai Burial from the National Spiritual Assembly.


You will receive your download link upon shipment of your order.



Please contact us if you require your order to be received Next Day or Second Day Air.  615-300-9055