My Final Wishes Pre-Planning Burial Guide - Download Version

My Final Wishes Pre-Planning Burial Guide - Download Version


Within the 52 page Pre-Planner Guide, is details and information that is divided into four sections.  The first sections is about current Bahai Burial Law, the Bahai Burial Prayer,  and contains many quotes.  It also provides you with US law regarding embalming and much more.  


The second section is a 12 page guide with a phlethera of information.   We provide you with ideas, suggestions and instructions how to wash the body in preparation for burial.    Many pictures and instructions are included in this secction to demonstrate how to safely turn a body, prevent injury while lifting the body along with providing you with several shrouding options to utilize the burial shroud. 


The third section, titled My Final Wishes - Pre-Planning Guide is a 15 page guide.  The Pre-Planner Guide is an opportunity to convey your wishes regarding your last days.  It also provides directions about Bahai burial requirements, the Bahai burial prayer and how it is recited.   


There are many questions for you to think about so that you will have available for those who you wish to tend to your burial, such as how and where you would prefer to spend your end of life, how you wish your body to be tended in preparation for burial, if you would prefer a memorial service or allow your family to choose, your burial wishes, locations of burial, type of casket, etc.,  


You may find this third section of the Pre-Planner as a tool to create dialogue and discussion before an event occurs and may create an atmosphere for concerns and questions to be aired and discussed. This may prevent future disunity between family members because everyone would have heard you state your wishes and why.  


The My Final Wishes - Pre-Planner section is created in a question and answer format with multiple choice options and areas to add your comments, designated people, and other useful information. 


The final 11 pages contains additional information and resources on subjects such as the grieving process, useful things you can say to those who are going through the grieving process, and much more.


This downloadable guidebook may be useful for community and family study.  Please know that the purchase of the downloadable comprehensive booklet is copyrigt protected and is for one person use only.  If you wish to use this as a study guide, please purchase the number of copies for each participant.  


You will receive a link to download your Pre-Planner once your purchase is completed.


NOTE:  You do not need a Paypal account to place your order.  You will be given the choice to either use your Paypal account if you have one or use your credit card.



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