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Following the passing of a loved one can be overwhelming and comprised of many decisions that must be made during a stressful time.


Sandy is available to provide information, direct you to appropriate persons who may be of assistance to you, support and assist you during the washing and shrouding of the body of your loved one in preparation for burial.


There are not Bahai Laws designating who should wash and/or shroud the body and it is left to the wishes of the family or loved ones.   Family members may wish to designate the funeral home to tend to the body in preparation for burial and others may wish to utilize the shroud and perform the shrouding themselves.


Most Americans are unfamiliar with utilizing a burial shroud and this unfamiliarity and lack of experince along with their own grieving process can create fear.   This is a common and understandable reaction.


Having supported many families with the washing and shrouding their loved ones body for burial I have found that with guidance and support loved ones fears transforms into a sense of peace and comfort as they perform this sacred and dignified act of preparing the body for burial.


It is my wish to support loved ones or friends during a very difficult time whether it be with a phone conversation, email, written information or actual presence for the washing and/or shrouding of their loved ones body.


Please feel to contact Sandy Ventura Gordon at:  615-797-2348 by phone.  You may also email me at or text at 615-300-9055.


NOTE:  I am only availablel for the actual shrouding and washing of the body in Tennessee and according to my schedule.  Please call for availabilty.









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