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Baha'i Burial Supplies, Bahai Jewelry and Baha'i Information

There are two interconnected life experiences that all must traverse; birth and death. Giving birth to my daughter, as well as laying her body to rest, vividly demonstrated the need for information and materials. From these experiences, Forlora™ was created in memory of Laura.

Forlora™ provides Baha'i Burial Rings and 100% natural dupioni silk, cotton, and organic Burial Shrouds for burial.

The 50-page Pre-Planner provides you with a format to state your wishes as well as containing Bahá'í burial information, photograghs and instructions of six shrouding examples, and much more.

Our custom designed Baha'i jewelry with the Bahai ringstone symbol beautifully engraved on these custom designed lockets provide you with an opportunity to place rose petals from the Shrines and/or a picture of a loved one within the locket.

We have provided a free downloadable burial guidebook for those wishing to read about Bahá'í burial law and a free downloadable free brochure

The Resource Library contains free downloadable helpful articles on the topics of grief management and burial information. Forlora™, providing you with what you need to bury your loved one with

Dignity - Honor and Respect.

The loss of someone you love is significant to your life, and we at Forlora™ strive to serve families with compassion, care and dignity.

We are honored to provide families with burial shrouds and information they need to tend to the body of their loved one with Dignity, Honor and Respect. It's one way that Forlora™ can offer service and resources to families in need.